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So Much More

(Beth Orton)


Its another cold London night
I wrap this head around my shoulders tight
Please excuse me seems there's someone at my door
I wouldn't leave but the need is so much more
So much more

Its another cold London day
And I'm always walking down the escalator the up way
Please excuse me I cant seem to get inside
I only wanted to know if you're alive
You're alive
You're Alive
You're alive

I can't see there's a pain
There's a feeling up there
But I don't know what it is
Don't know what it means
Don't know what it means

So now I'm turning into light
It always seems the furthest when the ends in sight
Please excuse me I just need to be outside
Only looking for air to breathe
Air to breathe

I feel alive
(I feel so alive)
So cold
(It's cold tonight)
(I don't know how to live)
(don't know how to live)

Don't know how to live
Don't know how to live
Don't know how to live


Original (5:41) Central Reservation 1999